Growth Hacking Services

Around 95% of the startups fail. We believe it should be the other way around: 95% of startups should succeed. At DigitalGlobus, we believe that startups fail in selling their ideas to users, investors, customers, journalists, bloggers, and more. We can help you whether you are building a startup from scratch or you have a more mature business.

There are many reasons why startups fail and we are here to make yours succeed. We are going to help you achieve your goals through fast and effective methods. If you are a startup entrepreneur who want to gain visibility, increase your number of customers or get funding, DigitalGlobus we will help you achieve startup success.

Our Growth Hacking Services:

Early Traction

  • We advise our clients to validate their product, prototype or idea in the market immediately. Early traction campaigns are able to provide deep insights that can change the game for many startups early on.
  • We focus on feedback received from prelaunch activities because it is invaluable for companies that are planning to launch new products or services. We focus on special acquisition tactics, measuring and increasing the number of visitors, getting pre-orders and creating segmented databases for email automation and marketing.
  • Creating highly specialized landing pages can extract invaluable information from users such as desirable product features, pre-orders and tangible traction for funding.
  • We then use this data to analyze the product/market fit and give suggestions for any required changes that will be tested again until market interest manifests.

Grow Your Product

  • Let us help you boost your best customer acquisition channels for maximum results. We will devise and help you implement a specifically tailored growth plan based on your baseline, objectives, challenges and strengths.
  • Our growth plan is based on your targets, with a minimum duration of 6 months. We implement processes every month, and report on KPIs every week. Our analysis is based on a cycle of measurement, analysis, optimization, implementation and testing.
  • With DigitalGlobus you will always see and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and its impact on your bottomline. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to grow your business, you’ve come to the right place.